Let It Die 7"

by Let It Die

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You can grab a physical copy via Moshtache Records or Dead Chemists Records

On beautiful purple wax.



released November 11, 2012

A - Drums
B - Guitars
R - Vocals

Production/Mixing/Alex Smith

Art/Ben Foot




all rights reserved


Let It Die UK

Grindy Metallic Hardcore from the UK.

Contact us: ihateletitdie@gmail.com


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Track Name: Hangman Blind
The noose of generations
Pulls tighter every day
Under the blackened hood
We choke on our own mistakes

No hope
For this world

The light
Our hands
Bring our end

These gallows were built on tradition and faith
Eternally strangled by these constant cousins of death
Man's lifeless body, swings in the breeze
Condemned and destroyed by unseeing eyes

Gasping for air

Regret solves nothing

We stand with our back to the mirror
Turn and face The Hangman
Track Name: Funeral Of No Tears
A solitary action
Misunderstood by all
Pre-judged outcome
No fair trial

I don't have to explain myself
Or bow to your biased ways

I'll burn your standards to the ground
Track Name: A Is A
What you see is what you get
This is real
This is now

Use the world for your gain

Your mind is your only weapon

No one can save you but yourself
You have no right to assume charity
Look at your life, do you truly exist
Or live under a cannibal's creed?

Don't give up your mind

The contradictions you create
Are nothing more than an arcane smokescreen

Check your premises, one of them is wrong
Choose the road of spirits, and your life is done

Reality is the key to living free
And I choose to live free

This is truth
A is A
Track Name: Solitaire
Just one life
Stand alone
Through this strife
I will grow

I exist for me
Track Name: Self Interest As The Engine Of Progress
Take the weight
On my shoulders
I can cope
I'm in control
Hold it together

I take pride
In my actions
Seek no alms
Give no pity
Hold it together

I work for myself
You work for acclaim
The difference between
You should be ashamed

I live for myself
You live for acclaim
The difference between
You should be ashamed

You live in fear, of what you know
You live in fear, of your own code
The day will come when you'll suffer alone
The day will come, when I will shrug

I'm no martyr
But I know my value
Track Name: The Judge Is Guilty
Kills as he "saves"
Worship the same
Slow death slaves
Die in his name
A life dedicated
With salvation in mind
Hope for the weak
An allegory for the blind

A shroud of love and mercy
Imprisonment in chains
A shroud that kills millions
Hypocrisy still reigns

A shroud of love and mercy
Turns cold and ashen grey
A shroud that kills millions
The faith that begat decay

False prophet
Dealer of lies
False prophet
Scratch out your eyes

The Judge Is Guilty
Let him hang